Dragline 02 Shutdown


Ensham Resources


Ensham Mine


28 Days

Current Status



May 2019

Scope of Work

Shutdown + Commissioning

Contract Type



No incidents - Zero Harm

Client Referees

Laurie Stanton + Des Richardson

Resources + Key People

Project Manager: Brian Lynch

Project Superintendent: Marc Richards

Project Engineer: Brad Klease

Site Supervisors: Gregg Schneider, Keenan Hansen, Rob Lawler

Project Description

SLE Services was contracted by Ensham Resources to undertake a planned shutdown on DL02 being a P&H 9020 dragline involving the following work:

  • Tub removal & reinstallation

  • Tub rails & rollers replacement

  • Centre pin bush replacement

  • Tub wear plate replacement

  • Drag drum overhaul including new drum end spiders and drum shaft & bearings

  • Hoist gearcase 1, 2 & 3 overhaul and machining of cases

  • Hoist drum bearings replacement

  • Lower fairleads overhaul

  • Tub crack repairs

  • Revolving frame crack repairs

All work was completed in full, on time and to budget with no incidents for the entire shutdown. SLE managed several different contractors on various work fronts and excellence in quality & safety was achieved on all fronts.

Project Execution

The complete shutdown was executed in full and without any incidents. Our core crew that is very experienced in dragline shutdowns were utilised on a 3 panel roster over the 28 day duration. SLE’s 7 x 500t synchronous jacking system was utilised for the jacking and levelling of the machine after the step to high cam and subsequent tub removal for the rails & rollers replacement.

Time Constraints, Challenges + Innovations

Key differentiators used on this shutdown for the lower & upper rail replacement were fabricated mechanical handling jigs for the handling of the rails along with a Leica laser tracker used for the tramming of the new lower and upper rails. This system was provided by Field Engineers and the process for tramming in the rails was expedited faster than planned in the baseline schedule with ultimate quality with rails trammed in within +/- 0.1mm.

Lessons Learned

Earlier shutdown pad preparation sets up mobilisation activities for success however this shutdown’s execution schedule was unaffected.

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