Stacker Reclaimer 5 Slew Bearing Replacement


Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal


18 Days

Current Status



Nov 2019

Scope of Work

Shutdown + Commissioning

Contract Type



No incidents - Zero Harm

Client Referees

Available on Request

Resources + Key People

Project Manager: Brian Lynch

Project Superintendent: Marc Richards

Technical Advisor: Dick Jones

Project Engineer: Brad Klease

Site Supervisors: Ken Smith, Gregg Schneider, Paul Mare

Project Description

SLE Services was contracted by DBCT P/L to undertake a planned shutdown on SR5 to remove and replace the slew bearing on the machine involving the following work:

  • Electrical HV and control cable removal and reinstallation

  • Set up of jacking haunches for jacking of machine

  • Jacking of machine with 4 x 400t mechanically locked jacks

  • Replacement of slew bearing with new free issued item

  • Overhaul of slew drives

  • Blast & paint & scaffolding services

  • Structural modifications

All work was completed in full, on time and to budget with no incidents for the entire shutdown. SLE managed several different contractors on various work fronts and excellence in quality & safety was achieved on all fronts.

Project Execution

The complete shutdown was executed in full and without any incidents. Our core crew that is very experienced in large scale and complex shutdowns were utilised on a 3 panel roster over the 18 day duration. SLE’s 4 x 400t synchronous jacking system was utilised for the jacking of the machine for removal and replacement of the slew bearing.

Time Constraints, Challenges + Innovations

SLE’s EVO system managed a very safe and controlled lift of the upper slew deck and was able to provide centre of gravity determination to assist in determining the optimum centre of gravity position of the machine and subsequent trimming mass applied to the machine for optimal future bearing life.

Lessons Learned

Early engagement of all personnel through our Recruitment team proved to be a key to success for SLE in onboarding for site.

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