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Along with directors and a management team who have significant industry experience, our talented and dedicated teams underpin our success.

- Highly skilled workforce

As a business that has undergone significant growth in recent years, we have a strong depth of highly skilled and competent personnel who have developed with our multidisciplined maintenance and construction services business as it has evolved. Our current pool of resources for servicing clients across various industries within Queensland and Northern NSW  is more than 250.

Heavily supporting local people and businesses, and by offering sustainable career pathways, we can retain and grow capability across our specialised and ever-expanding disciplines by investing in the development of the right people, who share values that are aligned with our own.

Having directors operating on the front line, in leadership positions at the various sites, and ensuring we drive a high-performance culture, we can ensure the right people manage the right projects by providing clients with the best technical knowledge, industry experience and capability.

We are investing heavily in the future of our industry by continuing engagement of apprentices and trainees as well as making concerted efforts to address the previous shortcomings within the areas of ethnic, race, and gender diversity.


As we further build our internal capability, we have partnerships in place with various subcontractors to support delivery of our multi-disciplined projects.

It is recognised that people are our greatest asset, and our subcontractors are treated as one of our own team. We work closely with our subcontractors prior to engagement, with a pre-qualification process to ensure they align with our safety expectations, embed our values and work seamlessly as one of our team.

Through this collaboration with our subcontractors, our customers deal with one team, one contract and with the whole team sharing the same vision and drive for project success.


Sync Lift Engineering are committed to supporting the communities in which we work and live. Our people are our most valuable asset, their interests and passions are our interests and passions. We have engaged with various worthy charities and community groups in past years. If you have an exciting event or sponsorship opportunity or even a donation for a worthy cause and you would like Sync Lift Engineering to help, please contact us.



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