- Specialist Hydraulic Jacking & Line Boring

Sync Lift Engineering saves our clients on both direct and indirect costs, providing valuable project solutions whilst maximising Australian content.


Sync Lift Engineering specialise in providing innovative hydraulic jacking solutions to assist in your maintenance, construction, and transport needs. Combined with a mobile line boring service, we can support full-service delivery for replacement of pivot pins, shafts etc. for your materials handling and large mobile equipment needs.

Whether it is a tub removal on a dragline, slew bearing replacement on a stacker reclaimer, hydraulic excavator or electric rope shovel through to jacking or skating of transformers, equipment modules or large structures we have a solution for your needs. 

Our PLC controlled Multi-Functional Synchronous heavy lifting systems allow extremely accurate, safe, and versatile jacking operations providing accuracy of less than 1mm between lifting points, real-time weights and Centre of Gravity monitoring of the equipment being lifted, built in warning, and stop alarms and the ability to be connected in parallel to provide endless configurations with large numbers of jacks being able to be controlled simultaneously.

Our experience includes but is not limited to jacking, supporting and/or skating of equipment or modules, slew bearing replacements on Stacker Reclaimers, Rope Shovels and Excavators and tub removal on Draglines.