Maintenance and engineering


With a team of experienced professionals, Sync Lift Engineering provides reliable and innovative design solutions. 

Reliable and innovative engineering takes many forms. By taking the time to understand the needs of our clients, we are able to consistently deliver tailored designs aimed at improved performance and productivity of assets to reduce downtime. 

We can collaborate with you to form a solution that incorporates ingenuity whilst adhering to relevant standards. Our detailed design and engineering team will ensure the solution performs as it was intended to create value and improve the function of the asset. 

Using the latest computer aided design programs and laser metrology systems, we model structural and mechanical designs for mining and industrial applications. 

With an extensive portfolio, we are able to offer: 

Structural engineering calculations

Structural engineering plans, design and layout - using Solidworks and AutoCAD

3D laser scanning for accurate replications of existing objects for reproduction purposes

Structural adequacy assessments and design modifications

Laser metrology services to qualify large geometry of structural and mechanical components

Welding engineering including development of procedures to applicable standards

Replace limitations with innovation, through practicality and excellence in design!