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Hydraulic Jacking Systems

The team at Sync Lift Engineering have designed a new synchronous hydraulic lifting system, Synchro-Lock™️. This system is 100% mechanically locked at all times which allows you to be up close and personal and in the loads' shadow if necessary. 

With the Synchro-Lock™️ jacking stands capacity of 500t per stand and a total combined working load limit of 3500t, the range of applications is very diverse and is adaptable to all major production excavators from 250t up to the largest of Electric Rope Shovels. 

Additionally, Sync Lift Engineering have the ability to remove and replace slew bearings on balanced machines including stacker reclaimers and slewing ship loaders.

Load and centre of gravity monitoring at all times in the Enerpac PLC Controlled EVO System allows the understanding of the exact weight of the load lifted as well as providing confidence around the exact position and plane of the load. 

The innovative design of the Synchro-Lock™️ stand means the technology is adaptable to any application. 

The EVO System's functionality compliments the Synchro-Lock™️ design and features: 

Intuitive user interface

Accuracy of up to 1mm between leading and lagging cylinders

Built in warning and stop alarms for optimum safety

Can be connected to single or double-acting cylinders

PLC-controlled system with integrated 700 bar hydraulic power unit with large oil reservoir

Network capability to link up to 4 HPUs

Data storage and recording capabilities

Variable frequency drive motor

We can provide maintenance for: 
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The innovative design of the Synchro-Lock stand means that the technology is adaptable to any application

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SLE Services has teamed up with global leaders in hydraulic jacking systems, ENERPAC to develop world-class jacking systems. 

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